I need to read more Amy Harmon book.

<a href="A Different BlueA Different Blue by Amy Harmon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reading this book was very, very different than Making Faces, which is the book that got me hooked on Amy Harmon. However, I really, really liked it. Amy Harmon takes a love story and makes it entirely not basic. At all. This novel is so deep, so thick with layer after layer, that the constant discoveries kept me reading. Originally, I wasn’t attached to the main character, but her story kept me intrigued, and through that, I became very attached for her, rooting for her until the very last page. My favorite thing about this book was the development of the main character. For me, that’s my number one must have in a good read, and this book had it completely and fully from start to finish. Sometimes the books that take me a little while to get into are the books I end up feeling most connected with in the end. That was definitely the case for this one.

View all my reviews” title=”I need to read more Amy Harmon book.”>I need to read more Amy Harmon book.


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